Our Sin Blinds Us

Recently, I was reading in the Book of JUDGES about the story Samson is probably most remembered by – losing his hair, his strength, and ultimately, his life (Judges 16).  There were a few things I noticed about this story that struck me differently this time around, specifically, the blinding nature and effects of Sampson’s sin.

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Daniel’s Faith Changes His Name

Throughout the Book of DANIEL, we see Daniel’s name change from Daniel, to Belteshazzar, and then back to Daniel.  It’s important to note the change, so that we can then go back and uncover the reason for the change – Daniel’s faith in God.

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Contending for The Name

The name Jacob means ‘Deceiver’ and eventually he has his name changed by God to Israel, which means ‘God Contended’.  Until recently, I had not realized how important Jacob’s name, and the transformation of his name, are to the story.  After teaching the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel of the LORD to our 3-4 year old class at church, here are some things I learned along the way.

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